That’s right! MAiZ is officially 6 years old!

It’s been bizarre how much this story has evolved since I started in January 2012. Meli and Jaz have changed a lot, and where their path is taking them continues to surprise me! I hope you have enjoyed their journey thus far!

I would love to hear what’re your favourite moments from MAiZ in the comments down below!


ALSO!! Last year I asked if people would love to contribute fan art for a fun collage to celebrate the 5 year anniversary. Sadly I never got around to do doing it, and I feel bad I never included the amazing work people shared with me.

Well no more! Here are the amazing fan works people sent in (I’m so sorry I took so long!!):







Thanks so much for sending these in and I’m so sorry it took so long! (Also if I got your names/link wrong, please let me know!!)