Fuzzballs! I forgot to post this! It’s not much, but here is a fully animated scene for MAiZ episode 1!

…Well, that was quick!

My original intent was to have the entire opening sequence of MAiZ episode 1 completed before Crystal Mountain Pony Con back in June, but naturally things didn’t go according to plan: other jobs/priorities came up, I got busy, and on top of that, my office/house got partially flooded! (we’re insured, so it’s okay!)

Despite all that, I managed to finish at least ONE scene before the convention, and used it as a speaking point about the process of creating an animation from concept to rendering. It was fun showing examples of concept art, work in progress drawings, and the scene itself, as short as it is.

Fun fact: this scene took a week to make, including the background and animation!

So what does this mean for the MAiZ project? Well, nothing’s changed! I still plan to develop this into a fully animated sequence, but I have no idea how long that will take. This will likely be a long-term project (if it wasn’t already) that I will work on between other projects, until either I can devote 100% of my time to it, or I consider hiring help (or both).

Hopefully in the coming months, I can show you more updates as they happen!

For the time being, I hope you can enjoy this small piece of what I hope to be a full episode one day!

You check out the webcomic MAiZ at MAiZcomic.com!

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