Hi folks!

Wanted to give an update on the status of Chapter 7! The whole plan to catch up on the remaining pages and get a head start on Chapter 8…

…Yeaaaaaaah, that didn’t happen.

Christmas and New Years turned out to be busier than I had planned, so progress was slow. Very slow. Not only that, had a lot of trouble writing the next few pages, trying to make it work and not sound dumb. You’d hope that writing each chapter would get easier and easier.

Ha ha ha…ha…..yeah.

That said, I’ve managed to beat past the block, and the next page should be ready to go end of this week!

So sorry for the delay! Want to say thank you again to everyone for your patience, even despite my crazy update schedule. It really means a lot!

See the new update 9am Friday! (roughly Thursday 5pm CST in the US)