As of last week, MAiZ Chapter 7 has reached completion! So if you’ve been waiting for your chance to read the whole chapter in one sitting, now’s your chance!

Also available in Spanish thanks to Paradox_JH!

This one was honestly a challenge; the story and focus changed so many times before it became what it is now. Goes to show even after 7 chapters, it’s still a learning experience, but I’m still keen to see where it goes from here!

Chapter 8 is currently in development, and should return later this month (early April at the latest) Normally I don’t like making promises, but after the long hiatus between chapters 6 and 7 (9 months I believe, eck), I don’t want to repeat that. The adventure will resume soon!

I hope everyone enjoyed this chapter, and look forward to see where Meli and Jaz go next!