Hey folks!

Apologies for the lack of updates. Progress on MAiZ Chapter 8 continues, even with all the same problems I have with every chapter (ie, “writing, auuuugh!), but it slowly develops into what I hope to be the most interesting chapter yet!

However, that’s not what I want to talk about.

For folks who may be unaware, I am an animator, and I love to animate stuff. I’ve done a few cartoons here and there. It’s always been my passion to tell stories through the art of animation.

I say this because for a long time I’ve always wanted to animate MAiZ; not just as a motion comic, but as a fully animated short or episode. Heck, I even did a short animation of Meli a long while ago!

But after many years and months of planning, I’m going to do it.

I’m going to animate the first episode of MAiZ.


Oh yes!

Well, at least a portion of it anyway!

Over the past few months, in between other projects, I’ve been storyboarding the opening sequence of MAiZ episode 1, which would include everything from the very first scene up to the opening title sequence. The plan is to develop and animate this entire sequence and give people a glimpse of what could be in store for MAiZ!

Think of it like a promo or teaser for the full episode.

The plan is to have the opening sequence finished by June 17 (my birthday!), just in time to be premiered live at Crystal Mountain Pony Con in Salt Lake City, Utah! It’s a goal I’ve set for myself, it gives me a hard deadline to focus on, and one I indeed to see completed.

I apologise in advance as it could mean delays in the main comic storyline, but I will do my best to juggle both (famous last words) I try to include as many updates on the progress of both the comic and this project as much as possible, as I love showing off cool stuff like this.

So yes! This is a thing that’s happening.


I’m already having too much fun storyboarding this!